by Joan Henry
& Dennis Yerry

‘It could have been a hundred years ago. It could have been a hundred thousand years ago. Siga! Earth changes coming. It could be tomorrow…’ Seamlessly interwoven original jazz & native traditional ~ features the beautiful Tsalagi Prayer.

A special digital re-issue! This original fusion of jazz, native traditional, pop and new age was a forerunner for much of today’s broad range of contemporary native music; it seeded Joan’s later band Noyeh-Ongeh, Mother Earth and Dennis’ The Hawk Project . Ultimately, Joan, Dennis and Gus have reconfigured their powerful connection with SPIRITED… Features the critically acclaimed ‘Earthman’ and the beautiful ‘Tsalagi Prayer’. Joan Henry & Dennis Yerry with Gus Mancini, Kenny Lovelett, Perry Robinson, David Richards, Robert Walking Tall Rosario, Izzy & Darryl Zephier.

Listen To Siga/One Day Sample Tracks:

Noyeh-Ongeh  is:

Joan Henry – vocals & native traditional percussion
Dennis Yerry – acoustic piano, vocals and native traditional flute & drum
Gus Mancini – alto saxophone
Kenny Lovelett –  percussion
Perry Robinson – clarinet & half-horn
David Richards – acoustic bass
Robert Walking Tall Rosario – native traditional drum
Izzy & Darryl Zephier – powwow drum & vocals on Siga/One Day

Recorded & Mixed at NRS Recording, Kingston, NY by Scott Petito & Aaron Hurwitz with Joan Henry, Dennis Yerry & Gus Mancini

All selections composed & arranged by Dennis Yerry & J A Henry
Graphics, Layout & Cover Art – Robert Sink