by Joan Henry

Stories for a Winter’s night from the Northwest corner of Turtle Island – first in a series of journeys around North America. Who knows? Maybe Coyote or Raven will show up along the way…

Joan’s first storytelling album— “A long time ago… when animals and two-legged people all spoke the same language…”

Joan and Gus Mancini weave a magical tapestry through the world of Coyote, Raven and First Man & First Woman. Includes stories from the Aleut, Okanagan, Wasco and Coast Salish.

Listen To Northwest Nights Sample Tracks:

Northwest Nights Credits:

Joan Henry – voice
Gus Mancini – musical landscape

Produced, Mixed  & Mastered at Samsara Studios by Ogostino Mancini
Assistant Producer  — GC Yerry
Graphics & Layout – Robert Sink
Cover Art – J A Henry

All selections copyrighted as listed