Amerinda’s Macbeth
In the Parks

In August of 2017, William Shakespeare’s Macbeth as directed by Madeline Sayet (Mohegan) visited Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan, Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, and Here Arts in Manhattan for early-evening outdoor performances. Amerinda promotes expression in the Theater through presenting new work by Native American playwrights and Native interpretations of classical theater with the Amerinda Native Shakespeare Ensemble.

Wolfen De Kastro* – Macbeth
Joan Henry – Lady Macbeth
Joe Cross – Banquo/Porter/Doctor/Messenger
Michelle Honaker – 2nd Witch/Malcolm/1st Murderer
Dawn Jamieson* – Duncan/Old Woman/Siward
Emelie Jeffries – 1st Witch/Lennox/Lady Macduff
Autumn Peters – Donalbain/Fleance/Macduff’s Son Young Siward/Messenger
Jessica Ranville – 3rd Witch/Ross/2nd Murderer
John Scott Richardson – Macduff/Sergeant/3rd Murderer

* The actors are appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association