Released Albums


by Spirited

SPIRITED’s liminal debut album — from Nat King Cole’s swinging Route 66 to the gallop of Gminor Modalism, a rich ‘jazz-and-journey’ experience, with equal parts jazz standards and originals woven with Native North & Central American and Brazilian roots…

Siga/One Day

by Joan Henry & Dennis Yerry
with Noyeh Ongeh

‘It could have been a hundred years ago. It could have been a hundred thousand years ago. Siga! Earth changes coming. It could be tomorrow…’ Seamlessly interwoven original jazz & native traditional ~ features the beautiful Tsalagi Prayer.

New Mountain

by Joan Henry & Gus Mancini
with Noyeh Ongeh, Mother Earth

Like a rising new mountain coming up from the sea, contemporary pop meets traditional native rhythms with a driving spirit and the wings of song! 

Kanogisgi ~ Song-Carrier

by Joan Henry

See yourself as a great bird sailing on the back of the Wind, dipping in and out of clouds and fog, back and forth across the land, swooping down to survey those beings who cannot leave the ground – drawn wherever each traditional song calls you to hear and to see how those folks live from sunrise to sunset…

Northwest Nights

by Joan Henry

Stories for a Winter’s night from the Northwest corner of Turtle Island – first in a series of journeys around North America. Who knows? Maybe Coyote or Raven will show up along the way…

Upcoming Albums

(Watch this space — things happen fast!…)

“All over the Earth, music is medicine.

Everything sings.

We are vibrational beings — ask any physicist. So it is that we can be sung into – or out of – dohi (harmony, peace, serenity, balance and at least 3 other things.) Ask yourself why a lullabye works – or better still, listen to music that draws you, and experience it, feel it move you as it finds and stirs resonances within you.

Music is an adventure, too.”