ANUSHIIK!! –  A First Nations Harvest Celebration

Thanksgiving for Indigenous Solidarity

All are welcome at SPC’s FREE Second Annual Traditional First Nations Potluck Feast and Intertribal Ceremony honoring the harvest season, aka “Our BIG, FAT Native American Thanksgiving — A Second Helping!”   with host Evan Pritchard and guests Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Joan Henry, Luis Sanakori Ramos & Shannon Flynn.

Each year, the Community of Living Traditions at the Stony Point Center hosts a free potluck Thanksgiving meal at 1pm on Thanksgiving Day for all who want to come. This year, for the second year, the feast will engage local and regional Native American Elders and activists offering their cultural perspectives and later, music… Free-range, organic turkey will be provided. Guests are welcome to bring a dish to share, or just yourself!

The event is Free and Open to the Public.


12pm: Welcome and Blessing
1pm: Potluck Feast — please bring a dish to share
4pm: Teaching Circle
7pm: Song Circle (w/ 8:15pm WBAI broadcast)