TnT: Ingiting the Future Concert @ ARS NOVA

2017 Jonathan Larson Grant-winning duo Ty Defoe & Tidtaya Sinutoke invoke the silenced voices from the land on which we stand – those of immigrants, Indigenous peoples, women and queer folx – in rich, inspiring selections from four of their musicals at ARS NOVA in NYC,  Igniting the Future for One Night Only, August 13, 2018…Drafting a strong cadre of soulful singers to give voice to their music, TnT honor their cultures while telling stories of the warriors of today…

Features Joan and Gizel Jimenez rocking Warrior Woman & Running, Meghan McGeary in Willow, and Futaba Shioda in Snow from Clouds Are Pillows for the Moon; Izzy Castaldi premiering Senior Year from newest work She/He/They. David J. Wiens creeps out the audience as Parker Lee Hart from Hart Island Requiem; Stephen Mark is a Buddist Spy while Sommer Carbuccia longs for acceptance in I Know. Ty and Tidtaya themselves bring everyone home at the close and include the audience on In One Day.

Come through – and bring your best singing voice for the end!

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Tech Rehearsal at ARS NOVA
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