Indian Uprising Interview


Joan Henry’s interview in 2009 by the late Anishinaabeg scholar-artist Clara NiiSka for Indian Uprising – a one-hour public and cultural affairs program concerned with sober and meaningful issues by, for and about Indigenous people on KFAI Radio, public broadcasting for Minneapolis, MN – shines as an example of the late Ms. NiiSka’s sensitive, intelligent ability to draw out inner wisdom from folks whom she saw had something to offer the larger world.

Here, Ms. NiiSka elicits insightful responses from Joani concerning honoring her lineage, raising our next generation, and how the women must take care of themselves to take care of the world.

Clara NiiSka, you are missed…






KFAI, Minneapolis Public Radio





Joan Henry Interview, part 1: 20 min., 59 sec. (9.6 MB)
Indian Uprising Interview, Part 1

Joan Henry Interview, part 2: 19 min., 08 sec. (8.8 MB)
Indian Uprising Interview, Part 2