Hudson Valley 100

Joan Henry has been recognized by INSIDEOUT Magazine, named as one of the Hudson Valley 100, a prestigious honor that recognizes top artists living and working in the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York. Says the magzine, in their Art Issue:

“Here in the river valley where American art was born, our list could have easily been 1,000, but pictured here are our humble 100. Some of the Hudson Valley 100 are famous, their work widely appreciated, even celebrated. Others work quietly, without drama or fanfare, steeped in their own dedication. The sole criterion for being one of our 100 is that dedication.

“This is not a ranking. These are simply people who get up in the morning and do what they love to do, indeed what they must do. Creating is not an option for them. They may or may not be getting paid, but they are working artists…”

Joan Henry was acknowledged for her work as poet-lyricist and storyteller, citing her albums New Mountain and Northwest Nights along with other published and performed works. Seen with her here are fellow honorees Da Chen (novelist, Colors of the Mountain) & wife Sunny (best-selling author, Mona Lisa Craving), Ron Nyswaner (screenwriter, Philadelphia), Susan Richards (memoir, Chosen by a Horse), Gillian Farrell (soundscapist) and Diana Ayton-Shenker (poet & author, A Global Agenda).