© Noyeh-Ongeh Music

Northwest Nights
© Noyeh-Ongeh Music

Kanogisgi – Song Carrier
© Noyeh-Ongeh Music

Siga/One Day 
© Noyeh-Ongeh Music

New Mountain
© Noyeh-Ongeh Music


Pete Seeger: The Storm King
© Jeff Haynes & Komunyaka Productions

Sesquicentennial Celebration w/Paul Winter Consort & Mike Reid

Altoona America: The Journey Continues
© Paul Winter Consort


Essential Mancini – Sky Woman Singers
© Noyeh-Ongeh Music & Samsara Studios

I Send A Cry
© Charles Lawrence

Music for the Fifth World
© Jack DeJohnette

©Jack DeJohnette

Mixing America
© Julie Lyonn Lieberman

© Walt Disney (original soundtrack)

I Become the Eagle
© Shelley Koffler

Tribal Legends
© Brulé & Earthbeat

Honoring The Ancient Ones
© Arawak Mountain Singers

Feel the Thunder
© Arawak Mountain Singers

Live at Hunter Mountain
© Otter Trail Singers

© Subject

The Magic, the Moment (12″)
© Subject

More Recordings

Native Visions © Voces Novae et Antiquae (live concert recording)

Live in Baltimore ©Arawak Mountain Singers

Mothers of Nations – First Cuts ©Noyeh-Ongeh Music & individual songwriters

Live at the 2nd Annual National Veterans Powwow
Noyeh-Ongeh Music & individual songwriters

Mothers of Nations – Live at Lancaster © Noyeh-Ongeh Music & individual songwriters

Introducing: Mothers of Nations © Noyeh-Ongeh Music & individual songwriters

Other Studio Work & film music placement:

Everyday Heroes (made-for-tv feature)

Pocahontas (Disney feature animated film)

Wufniks (PBS cartoon pilot)

Kenny the Shark (Discovery Channnel animated series)

Blood Red Earth (Lionsgate Films)

Idaho’s Forgotten War (PBS special)